Spares for Karcher Puzzi 10/1 Spray Ex Machine.

Also suitable for Hagerty / Escort Spray Ex Machines - New Generation)

We are pleased to offer:

  • Comprehensive range of spare parts - in most instances by next day delivery ( See full list below)
  • Full inspection (Inc replacement O-Rings and filters), clean and electrical test with certification for only £25.00
  • Repair service with advice of full cost before work is carried out.
  • Prompt collection and delivery, at cost - if required.

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Trouble Shooting:

Basically the Puzzi 10/1 Spray-Ex machine sprays and vacuums, therefore a breakdown is rare. However, a malfunction may occur which is not caused by a failure of the pump, vacuum motor or switches. Providing the pump and vacuum motor "switch-on", there are two simple methods of checking they are working properly.

Vacuum Motor ----- (Suction Turbine 4.610-047.0)

Switch on and try to lift the vacuum cover dome. If impossible, the vacuum motor is functioning correctly. If it lifts off, it proves the suction is poor and the fault may be:

  • Cracked suction dome. Replace dome.
  • Missing or damaged seals on suction dome. Replace seals.
  • Blocked filter. Filter should be cleaned.
  • Defunct vacuum motor, usually identified by low speed and arcing which will necessitate replacement.

Pump ----- (Motor Driven Pump 6.473-376.0)

Without connecting the the hose to the machine, switch on the pump. If a reasonable jet of water is sprayed out of the spout at the front of the machine, the pump is working correctly. If no water comes through:

  • Solution tank is empty. Fill tank.
  • Nozzle is blocked. Remove and clean nozzle.
  • Filter in solution tank may be blocked. Clean or replace.
  • Pump is defective. Replace pump.

Caution: Danger from electrical current. Pull out mains power plug before any work is carried out on electrical parts.

  • Should you still experience problems please contact us for further advice or to return the machine for servicing

For further advice on spares / repairs please contact: 01442-874720

We also stock many spares for the Puzzi 100 which was the earlier version of the Puzzi 10/1