The Karcher Puzzi 10/1 - Spray Extraction Carpet / Upholstery Cleaner 




The Puzzi 10/1 is a powerful, convenient and stylish spray extraction machine providing better cleaning results and shorter drying times.

The compact, highly manoeuvrable machine is designed for deep down cleaning of carpeted floors and textile coverings and includes the Floor Tool and the Hand (upholstery) Tool.

The cleaning solution is sprayed at a pressure of 15psi (1 Bar) into the surface to be cleaned via a spray nozzle. In the case of stubborn dirt stains, the affected areas may be pre-sprayed to allow the powerful RENEW cleaning agent to act for longer. After cleaning it is then possible to use the cleaned area soon afterwards due to the extraction power of the suction nozzle.

The Puzzi 10/1 is ideal for carpeted areas in homes, offices, stores and boutiques and residential homes etc. It is also a favourite among car dealers for valeting the interiors of vehicles prior to sale. 

The main advantages are:

  • Easy to service - with easy access to pump and tyrbine.
  • User-friendly. Waste tank lifts out for easy disposal of dirty water whilst the transparant suction dome allows checking of the recovery performance.
  • Quite operation - the rubber mounted pump helps reduce the noise.
  • Convenient transportation - everything in its place. The floor tool locates on top of the housing when not in use.

Standard accessories:

  • Floor Tool and Hand Tool both have ergonomically designed handle with trigger spray, suction tube and union.
  • 2.5 metre flexible spray extraction hose with integral water feed and quick-action couplings at both ends.

Technical Data:


Spray Rate 1lt per min 
Spray Pressure 1 Bar 
Capacity - Clean Water 10 lt 
Capacity - Dirty Water 9 lt
Fan 1250W - Max
Pump 40W
Weight 15 kg


  • 12 month return to site - parts and labour.


The use of the Puzzi 10/1 together with Renew Carpet Shampoo will remove stains and deep clean the pile, remove unpleasant odours and leave the carpet hygienically clean whilst avoiding undue wetting

Compared to competitor machines the carpet is up to 63% drier after cleaning with the Puzzi 10/1.


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